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Data updating

For proper and timely delivery of regular statements regarding your account, or regarding any other legal notices that the Company shall deliver at your contact address, it is of special importance for your data to be completely accurate and timely updated in the Members Register of the Pension Funds managed by KB First Pension Company AD Skopje.

Accurate data will allow us to have a timely, regular and effective communication with each of you.

Personal data of a members in the Pension Funds are updated and corrected by a person authorized by the Company or by an agent by means of direct inspection of a personal identification document of the person requesting changes in their data.

Any additional information on the procedure of updating or correcting personal data through a Company representative may be obtained on the Company contact telephone numbers.

Starting from 14.04.2020, in compliance with the changes of the law regulation, a simpler way of updating/correction of personal data is available.

The updating/correction of a personal data shall be made by fulfilling a form Request for updating/correction of data, which shall be electronically delivered to the company at

The company shall make the changes cited in the request by a telephone conversation and a confirmation by the client.

Data related to residential and/or correspondence addresses of members may be updated / corrected via telephone, by contacting the Company on its contact telephone numbers.

Online change of personal data

In order to change your personal data, you need a VERIFICATION CODE by which You will personally confirm the new data in Your account.

You can obtain the verification code via your e-mail address or your home address (correspondence address), previously registered in the Company’s records.

In order to register your e-mail address or to request the delivery of a VERIFICATION CODE, please contact us on the telephone number 02/ 32 43 777 or 02/ 32 43 772.

After obtaining the code, please do the following:

  1. Log in to MY ACCOUNT, using the username and password assigned by the Company and submitted along with the annual report on retirement savings.
  2. Within your profile, make the change of the required data, using large Cyrillic letters for the name, surname and address and do not enter the following symbols in the phone field: – and /.
  3. Click Save and afterwards the portal will request you to enter the VERIFICATION CODE.
  4. Enter the code issued by the Company and click Submit.