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KB First Pension Company AD Skopje provides quick and easy access to its services through its dispersed network of outlets.

All interested persons have the right to review the informative prospectuses, Pension Funds’ Charters and the audited financial statements of both the Company and Funds managed by it, and they can be obtained on-site.

At its outlets, KB First Pension Company AD has also provided a bulletin board containing brief information on the main data relating to the Company and its Pension Funds and a list of responsible persons who shall respond to your requests.

About the agents

While placing in the forefront the members of the pension funds we manage, and their satisfaction and future prosperity as our only goal, our continuous efforts are aimed at building and training our team that will meet the goals set.

Given that agents are the first ones to get in touch with potential members of pension funds, they reflect the initial picture of KB First Pension Company and its operations.

Therefore, our agents are characterized by a high level of professionalism, expertise and work ethics, while their experience is what makes agents of KB First Pension Company special.

An agent can be any person who will acquire a satisfactory level of knowledge about the reformed pension system and the work of KB First Pension Company, and who will accept the basic principles of our work, a person who has high communication and organizational skills that will be further upgraded and perfected through training organized by KB First Pension Company.

Who can be an agent?

The team of KB First Pension Company’s agents consists of persons of various profiles and ages. Each of these agents has knowledge about the reformed pension system and Company’s operations and is trained in market and customer relations. The high quality team of KB First Pension Company provides a good coordination and successful work of anyone who wants to be an agent.

To gain the status of an agent of KB First Pension Company AD Skopje, a person shall meet the following requirements:

  1. Be a citizen of the Republic of North Macedonia or if foreigner, have a regulated foreigner status in the country according to law;
  2. Have at least secondary education completed;
  3. Not employed in: the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of the Republic of North Macedonia, the Health Insurance Fund of the Republic of North Macedonia, the Employment Service Agency of the Republic of North Macedonia, the Public Revenue Office and any temporary employment agencies;
  4. Have not been issued the misdemeanor sanction of prohibition to perform a profession, activity or duty in the area of economy, finance, insurance, banking and law;
  5. To have passed the agents exam organized by the Agency for Supervision of Fully Funded Pension Insurance.*

KB First Pension Company Agents carry out activities aimed at advertising the features of the reformed pension system, subscription and transfer of members from another mandatory pension fund to KB First Open Mandatory Pension Fund – Skopje, and from another voluntary pension fund to KB First Open Voluntary Pension Fund – Skopje, as well as activities performed to provide services and information or objective and timely provision of data related to Company’s operation, to existing and/or future fund members, either in the Company, its branches or beyond them, whether directly or through an adequate form of communication (telephone, fax, Internet).

* The agent exam is organized and implemented by the Agency for Supervision of Fully Funded Pension Insurance – MAPAS. The exam is organized at least twice a year, in May and November. Based on its own assessment, the Agency may organize the exam more often than twice a year.

If you are interested in becoming an agent of KB First Pension Company, please complete the Agent Application or contact us on our contact phones or via e-mail.


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KB First Pension Company AD Skopje
Points of sale Address Telephone
In Skopje
1 KB First Pension Company AD Skopje Mitropolit Teodosij Gologanov no.6, 1000 Skopje 02 3 168 168;
02 3 243 789;
02 3 243 772
Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje
Points of sale Address Telephone
In Skopje
1 Headquarters – KB2 Orce Nikolov no. 1 02 3 168 168
2 Dračevo Branch Užička Republika store 285 02 2 791 032
3 Jane Sandanski Branch Jane Sandanski no.69 02 2 455 820;
070 415 225
4 Gjorche Petrov Branch Gjorche Petrov no.7 02 2050 836
5 Skopjanka Branch Kuzman Josifovski no.15 02 2469 750;
072 266 137
6 Biser Branch Jane Sandanski no.26 02 3169 319
7 Branch City Mall st. Ljubljanska no.4 02 3093-161
8 Branch Cvetan Dimov st. Cvetan Dimov no. 153 02 3169-826
9 Branch GTC GTC Skopje, local b d e 267 02 3169 329
10 Branch 11 Oktomvri st. Sava Kovachevikj no. 11 02 3169 800
11 Branch Kapistec st. Jurij Gagarin no. 17 02 316 9272
12 Branch Leptokarija st.Partizanska no.62/2 loc.5 02 3070 577
13 Branch Rasadnik st.Sava Kovaçeviq no.47/B, llamella 2 02 3169 821
14 Bunjakovec Branch Bul. Partizanski Odredi no.27 02 3228 516
15 Avtokomanda Branch st.16 Makedonska Brigada no.2a 02 3169 322
In other cities
16 Bitola Branch Nikola Tesla no.18 02 3 167 441
17 Veles Branch 8-mi Septemvri no. 59/1 02 3 167 570
18 Kočani Branch Kej na Revolucijata no. 1 02 3 167 370
19 Ohrid Branch Partizanska no.24 02 3 167 402
20 Prilep Branch Mice Kozar no.1 A 02 3 167 510
21 Štip Branch Marshal Tito no. 10 02 3 167 540
22 Kavadarci Branch Marshal Tito no. 14 B 02 3 167 366
23 Tetovo Branch Vidoe Smileski–Bato no. 60 02 3 167 399
24 Gostivar Branch Goce Delčev no.89 02 3 167 350
25 Kumanovo Branch Marshal Tito no.12 02 3 167 333
26 Gevgelija Branch Gevgeliski partizanski odredi no.4/2-1 034 217 071
27 Delčevo Branch Makedonija no.45 033 412 356
28 Kičevo Branch Osloboduvanje b.b. 045 228 384
29 Radoviš Branch 22 Oktomvri no.19/2 032 630 595
30 Struga Branch Proleterski brigadi no.44 02 3167 313
31 Negotino Branch Marshal Tito no.128 02 3167 289
32 Branch Strumica st. Marshall Tito n.16 02 3167 544
33 Bogdanci Branch st. Marshall Tito no. 107 02 3167 589
Sparkasse Bank AD Skopje
Points of sale Address Telephone
In Skopje
1 Branch Aerodrom St.Jane Sandanski no.113/A 02 2403 073
2 Branch Karposh St.Partizanski Odredi no.101 02 3090 295
3 Branc Avtokomanda Bul. Internacionalni Brigadi no. 15 02 3172 370
In other cities
4 Negotino Branch Aco Adzi Ilov no.10 043 365 178
5 Branch Kavadarci Ilindenska no.11 043 400 246
6 Branch Strumica st. Leninova no.17 034 327 201
7 Branch Tetovo st.Ilindenska n.1/1 044 353 700
8 Branch Gevgelija st.Dimitar Vlahov no. 7/3 034 218 464
9 Branch Kichevo bul.Osloboduvanje no.20 045 224 450
10 Branch Struga st.Proleterska Brigada no.19 046 784 260
11 Branch Ohrid – Center bul. Makedonski Prosvetiteli no.19 046 231 161
12 Branch Kumanovo st. Mosa Pijade no.1-1, SHC. Suma 031 411 833