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Our team

The team of KB First Pension Company is composed of professional and dynamic people with rich experience in investment, finance, financial risks, management of funds and payment of pensions and pension benefits.

The basic principles we follow in our work are:

Focus on customers – members of the Funds we manage

Perfectionism in our work




Respect for people and environment

Management of KB First Pension Company AD:
  • President and member of the Board of Directors – Vesna Stojanovska
  • Member of the Board of Directors – Ivan Stojanovikj
  • Biljana Rusomarova – Head of Accounting and Finance Department
  • Goran Martinoski – Head of Asset Management Department
  • Maria Spasev – Head of Risk Management Department
  • Zoran Ilievski – Head of Internal Audit
  • Elizabeta Kocev – Head of department for Administration of accounts
  • Suzana Boshkovska Zlatarevska – Head of Marketing and Agent’s network
  • Zhivko Atanasov -Head of IT Department
  • Nada Andonovska – Head of Legal, Human resources and Secretariat Department